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Hooray! It's the The Daily Bull's third anniversary special, and guess what? It's the shortest one ever because no one gives a rat's ass about it.
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Two years of laughter, tears and whining like a little baby all wrapped up in one giant package. This time around, our anniversary special is bigger, better and hopefully free of crappy cable modems that fry the moment I upload this thing.
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Somalis Live in Fear of Looming Internet Bubble
MOGADISHU, SOMALIA (SatireWire) Red Cross officials in Somalia, which in September became the last African nation to go online, appealed for calm today as the country anxiously awaits the Great Internet Bubble, which many fear will wreak havoc on their villages, livestock, and loved ones.
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Here at The Daily Bull, we're always interested in trying something new. If that means engaging in a lame stunt like this, well... umm, yeah. Heh heh. Sometimes it involves stooping to a new level, but not much goes lower than this. For a limited time, if you link to us, you will be able to get into Heaven for absolutely nothing!
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Pepsi Blue Unclogs Nation's Bowels, Leaves Digestive Tracts Sparkling
PURCHASE, NY - Pepsi Blue has taken North America by storm, and left many people storming to the nearest restroom. Preliminary reports show that there hasn't been such a large number of cases of explosive diarrhea since the death of Wendy's Dave Thomas, and the nation's bowels have never been as sparkling clean before.
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Yet another extreme sport has taken to the television networks, this time in the form of basketball combined with Olympic gymnastics. The game has its sights set on appealing to the same slobbering rednecks who think that a regular game of hoops is too complicated, and has left many people asking one question: Why?
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Inventor of Fart Joke Dies at Age 102
LONDON - Robert Smythe Wellington III, inventor of the fart joke, passed away early Thursday in his home. Wellington, 102, became famous during the silent film era and entertained countless audiences with his exaggerated antics and feigned fainting.
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Canadian Sprinter Officially "World's Crappiest Athlete"
EDMONTON, AB - Venolyn Clarke, at the 2001 World Track and Field Championship, became the first drug-bustee during the games, earlier this week. Many suspected tens, if not hundreds, would be busted for illegal drug usage, despite the fact the Jamaican bobsled team was banned from world competition, but no one expected it to be this stupid.
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Gynecology Declared Most Overrated Career Choice
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Millions of adolescent school boys have snickered the name on playgrounds across the nation. Gynecology, the branch of medicine dealing with the diseases and hygiene of women. It is often perceived as the dream career, but the National Association of Health Professionals is now stating that gynecology is really overrated.
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Fark, BBspot Devastate Daily Bull
WINNIPEG, MB - March 26, 2001 is a day that will live on in infamy for The Daily Bull. Over 1200 visitors from around the world converged on one server and is suspected of subsequently causing the erasure of its free hosting account at approximately 3:00PM CST.
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The Daily Bull Changes Hands
SolidSnakeASS: "We are lazy bastardos."

WINNIPEG, Canada - Due to overwhelming laziness and a complete lack of interest in doing anything beyond scratching and shitting, the staff at The Daily Bull announced today that they will not be operating the site any longer. The new editor-in-chief for the cutting-edge satire website is a former circus chimp, Roger, who worked on translating Old Uncle Jeb responses for several months.
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Updated to include the latest server downage.
Wow. It's been a whole year, eh? We never thought that we'd make it this far, considering that we hardly ever update (basically whenever we feel like it!) and sometimes our stuff really sucks. Hey, we're honest, but we think that we've rattled a few cages in the last year. Here's our story...
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Meet Joe, just your regular average teenager. Joe likes to hang out with friends and he hates Communists. But Joe has a dark secret... a secret that brings him into contact with the menace of SYPHILLIS!
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