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That was hilarious, George. Some day someone will make a movie about your life, or at least a sitcom on the level of Married... with Children. And I can only pray I will be cast as Jansen, the smart-alecky paperboy whose routine catchphrase is "that is whack, bitch daddy!"

Posted by FatSatan at 07-02-2004 05:13pm


I very much enjoyed and agreed with this article. I am a person who grew up during the late 80s/early 90s and, man have children's toys ever changed since then!

Posted by JeN at 07-14-2004 09:56am


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Posted by sex toys at 12-19-2004 02:38am


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Posted by paris at 02-15-2005 11:21pm


I understand complety about how horny you get about those dolls. Barbie is pretty sexy. but i also like Ken.
They give me so much pleasure at home on those looooooooooooong nights. I gotta go take a massive dump now

Posted by Matt at 03-08-2005 12:46pm


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