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NOTE: Hawaiian Mage, the author of Distorted Perspective has gone on hiatus/sabbatical. We're still not exactly sure which one it is because we're still waiting for to send us the fucking dictionary that we ordered three months ago.

It's the continuing adventures of a chimp, some weird TV guy, and a turtle. There's a new comic every week, too! Well... until we forget to add it, that is.

You know what else? There's supposed to be a helluva lot more information here, but we're too lazy to write it. That's right. We're making you, the viewer, figure out what this comic is all about. Mwu-hahahaha!!!

Thinking Outside the Box
June 6, 2002

NOTE! All spelling errors are intentional. They're part of the joke, dammit, and if you don't get it, you're a boob.

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