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Q. I put my picture on both and and got a higher rating at ratemypoo!!! Where should my shutter speed and aperture be set, and what film should I use to get a better picture?
Gaylord Focker - September 30, 2002

A. Aight, before all you bitches out there start complaining and sending me e-mail saying, "Jeb you fucksack, why aren't you answering my question? You are a gay pile of shit, fucker!! LOLLALOL!!!!1", I'd just like to say this:

Send me some decent questions, you shitbumps. I go away for a month, and come back and I'm totally swamped with assy questions about my age, weight, cock length, and my favourite food. Quit bustin' my balls, faggots. Being dead ain't easy.

Now, Focker, what's the problem? is a much more reliable site for judging one's looks. In fact, I scored an 11 on that site, and the system only goes up to 10! Just look at me, dammit, I'm a sexy bitch.

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