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According to the Bible, we are all sinners. Even babies sin. However, if we all trundle off to the nearest priest and hand him a wad of dough, he'll rubber stamp us out of a few centuries in Purgatory.

But why should only the rich be fast-tracked into the afterlife? And why should the poor be forced to ask a creepy 2000-year-old dead guy for forgiveness instead of being able to talk so someone more responsive? Why not ask a guy that only died a few years ago to put in a good word for you... FOR FREE!

That's right! I have gone out of my way to become an Authorized Indulgence Vendor. Confess your sin to me, Old Uncle Jebus.

NOTE: Old Uncle Jebus' indulgences are non-denominational. You don't have to be Christian to confess. It's just more offensive that way.



Confess thine sin:



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Jeb Responds
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Submitted by Gaylord Focker

I fucked your mom.
Submitted by Milf Lover

Bowling Hall of Fame
Submitted by Annaleis Coakley

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