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We like links. Okay, we really like links. As a result, we tend to link to lots of sites, but there's not enough room on the main page for everybody. That's why this page is here.

The sites listed here are in alphabetical order, meaning the order that they're listed in by no means indicates how good the site is and/or what we think of it. It's not our fault that the alphabet starts with A instead of J... that's just the way it is.

If you would like to get linked here, or talk about a link exchange, send us an e-mail or use our fancy contact form. We'll probably be more than happy to accomodate you!

This new site looks pretty promising and very yellow. Be sure to check 'em out!

Al-Jezebel Network
Your infidel news source 24 hours a day!
Bringing you the news, one finger at a time.
More satire, with all the creamy goodness.

A big geek site that's updated everyday with cool links from all over Internet. It is NOT The Onion.
 Becker Sports Report
For those of us who can't play, we might as well laugh at it.
Now we all have a nice place to send our angry rants about the kids playing on the roof across the street and throwing acorns at passing cars. Great site, well worth many visits!
 Bonehead of the Day Award
Each day, a new group or individual is given a Bonehead Award for boneheaded behaviour. This site is a great way to start your day at the office. :)
 Bongo News
What's brown and sounds like a bell? Not a bongo. (Formerly the Garlic News)
 Brass Knuckles Webzine
The #1 source for interviews, and the #2 source for humour, behind us of course. Hee hee!

Broken Newz
Why didn't we link to them sooner? Because AChimp is lazy, that's why. Visit them, dammit. They're funny.

Chairman Moo
Even more funny satire! Very kick-ass layout.
All the gnus fit to sprint! More satire to fill your day with unproductiveness.
 Comedy Club
We know that it's about comedians and it's based in South Africa... but we're still daring each other to touch it.

Daily Hog
I can't find a description on Daily Hog, so I have to make one up. Great satire, great guy, visit Daily Hog. Right now. >:(

Dark America
Dark-America has been reborn! It's not just Bush, either... it's Bush and a whole bunch of other cool stuff! Be sure to check this site out.

Who do you want abused today? British satire of the highest quality. Well worth your clickage.

Demented Panda
This site is completely centred around the fact that it is demented. It has weird Flash and Photoshops, too.

Remember how dotCULT had all those interesting posts and stuff? Remember how it died? Well, it's back now, see?
Jokes, funny pictures, trivia... has it all!
(formerly Daily Pissed Off)Daily angry rantings with a healthy dose of porn. ust how we like it!

Dozens of user submitted links everyday, and sometimes they like our articles and link to them! They crashed our server once, and we're still plotting revenge. Mwuhahaha... *ahem!*
They host us, so they must be good.

Glossy News Satire
They dig satire like a satire ditch filled to the brim with satire gravy.

Hacker Network
No, they're not going to tell you how to get into your friend's Hotmail account, so don't ask.
 Heisenberg's Fun House
More nutty satire. It's banned in China so you know it has to be good!
 Horny Minded
Adult news... it will give you a boner! :O

A very cool site and worth every second of your visit. Be sure to check out the Anti-Rave section and the Visionary Darkness rants!

JAM Sandwhich
This site is run by the biggest bunch of ass reamers that ever lubed. You have to visit it to see why. >:(
 John Fanzine
It's the oddest site that we've come across in a long time. All sorts of stuff: satire news, funny Flash movies and all-round absurdity. Go there. NOW.
 Jumbo Dump
Home of the Original Weekly Topical Joke Column! (Try saying that fast three times in a row.)
 KTAB News
Bringing you the news that you need to know. Or at least, the news that you didn't know about.

Major Losers
These guys are major losers... or is it their site is about major losers? Or did they just come up with the name? Arg!
 Mangy Dog
Random droppings from people that rant and make you laugh. Their logo also has a cool dog.

Satire that makes you say, "what's for dinner?" Okay, not really, but they're very good so you should check them out.
A satire site created by intelligent monkeys for intelligent monkeys. Check out the numerous articles and editorials that they've got!
 Nazrix's Game
During the time that he isn't writing movie reviews for us, Nazrix is spending his time programming a Return to Zork remake. It looks very promising! If only his budget included hiring actors for FMV...

No Apologies! Pres
A very cool site with lots of original content. That's right, original and weird. In a good way.
 Pip's Web Site!
Pip's Web Site! is a comedy, jokes, games and satirical web site. Well worth a visit. Or two. Or many.

Really Bad Websites
Some of the sites listed on cause me so much pain that every orifice of mine bleeds on its own. Other make me laugh with pity.

Right Wing News
Out of the ashes of Brassknuckles arose Right Wing News, a new source for humour, news and views!

Satire satire satire satire satire satire satire satire and spam.

New satire for the new economy... It's great! Definitely worth your time. Funny!
Shiola has lots of hilarious stuff, including fake porn URLs. They even have a name that makes no sense.
 Smooth Operator
It's weird. Lots of funny stuff posted fairly frequently, and it's run by the future Mr. Universe himself.

Something Awful
Another really cool site, well worth the visit. Lowtax always has something new for the site. Be sure to check out Jeff K.'s section, and the ICQ pranks!

Stile Project
Love it or hate it, you can't deny that it's big.
You can never have enough satire, just like you can never read enough strange crap! This site is worth many visits.
They beat the pants off other comedy sites and then wear those pants... of course, they need suspenders because they're just a bunch of old men and monkeys.
You can get this kind of crap anywhere, but this place is better than most.

Team Fishcake
They claim to be humans, but we have discovered that they are nothing more than goats with Jello moulds on their heads.

The ApeSheet
The Apesheet was created to give meaning to the lives of its two webmasters, and it has the unforeseen side-effect of making you laugh.

The Blue Brick
All the news that's made up. That means that it's not real, okay?
 The Cock and Bull
More satire, and since it involves bulls, you know it has to be good! ;)

The Cynical Times
It's the Internet's 253rd best satire news source, and when their domain isn't renewed, people accidentally pre-emptively delete their link! :O
 The Evil Gerald
Another hilarious satire site from Ireland. We still can't find Gerald, though. :/
 The Fake News
Very funny satire. Don't have spare time to check them out? Make some.

The Hammer
Hee hee! More Canadian stuff! Tonnes of hilarious satire, eh?
 The Neeews
This was the first satire site to spontaneously link to us without any harrassing on our part! Many redesigns, and they keep getting better.

The Onion
The one that started it all. This site needs no explanation; if you don't know about it, you're a twat.
 The Rag
The Rag is some stuff on a page in your computer. It could kill you with laughter, so be cautious.

The Schmews
Europe's leading website dedicated to yellow rubber gloves and cucumbers. Okay, it's really a fantastic satire site; there's a medical issue involved concerning the gloves.

The Specious Report
Spreading rumours, half-truths and misinformation since 1789! Check these guys out.

The Toque
Another Canadian perspective on current events. Funny stuff, and we didn't even have to harass them for a link!

The Wired Press
Another satire site, and they're pretty damn funny, too! Well worth checking out.

Shouting the truth to an astonished nation since 1473.

Untitled Document
It's like The Onion, except it's British. That means it's zany.
 Urinal Era
There's a bouncing penis in the logo, so it has to be good.

US Press
Homegrown satire with impeccable spelling and grammar.
Don't use Ethics Hotlines at big companies. They give you headaches.

Wasted Network
We can't figure it out, really. They're proud orgasm donators, so that's a plus. Check them out, foo'!
 Weekly Universe
It's a quantum report of transdimensional news and analysis! Far out, dude!

Witty Tirade
It's not about how right you are; it's about how witty you are.
Just another Photoshop site, right? Wrong! It's done by the people who used to run The Satyr, and that's what makes it special. >:(

We really like this site, and it's got tonnes to offer. He-man rules!
The home of a "garage" game programming company. They currently have several really cool looking projects in the works, including a Worms-esque game called NiM.


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