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Mobile Edition

Well, everything has become settled with Version 3.0 now, and the long awaited Mobile Edition is now complete! All right, so maybe it wasn't so "long awaited" afterall, but it's still pretty damn cool. We're one of the only satire sites with a mobile edition (excluding the big one, The Onion) so now you can add some more variety to your time-killing during those long executive meetings.

There are a few steps that you must follow in order to view The Daily Bull's Mobile Edition on your Palm or Pocket PC device. They are really simple, and a baboon could perform them, so there shouldn't be any trouble. We looked into becoming an official Avantgo channel so you wouldn't have to do all this, but they said it would cost US$6000 for one year.

The Five Steps to Viewing The Daily Bull's Mobile Edition

Step #1 - Installing Avantgo
In case you weren't aware, Avantgo is a nifty little service that allows you to view all your favourite websites on your PDA. You have to sign up for a FREE account and, depending on your PDA, you may have to download and install their client program as well. Most Pocket PCs come with Avantgo pre-installed, but I'm not sure about Palm devices.

Click here to go to Avantgo so you can create an account and/or download the client. They have complete instructions on how to install their program there.

If you already have Avantgo installed on your PDA, you're in luck because you can skip this step without screwing anything up.

Step #2 - Creating the Custom Channel
As was stated above, we cannot afford the $6000 annual fee to be an official Avantgo channel. They have apparently decided in recent months that in order to stay in business, they have to start charging ridiculous fees to get listed on their website. I curse the day they eliminated User Submitted Channels, but I guess that's life.

Anyways, you will need to create a custom channel to view The Daily Bull's Mobile Edition. It's very simple, but if you don't know what a custom channel is, don't waste your time looking for an explanation on the Avantgo website. Their support section is the biggest mish-mash of mumbo-jumbo on the whole online whatchamacallit.

Suffice to say, a custom channel allows you to view any website that's on the Internet. It may end up looking like ass, since 99% of the Internet isn't optimized for PDAs, but what the hell, huh?

Click here to create the custom channel!!

Avantgo will probably ask you for your username and password, but once you enter those in, you should get to see the Create Channel dialog. All the options should be set properly, as we tested the Mobile Edition a lot and fiddled with the settings quite a bit. Our Mobile Edition is very small, and 100KB is probably more memory than it needs, so if your RAM is at a premium, you could probably decrease this by half if need be.

The Create Channel thingy should look like this:

"Link Depth" MUST be set to "1" for the Mobile Edition to function, but all the other settings can pretty much be whatever you want. Just click on Save Channel and you're finished this step!

Step #3 - Sync your PDA
Now that you've got Avantgo installed and you've added the channel, each time you sync your PDA with your desktop computer, the latest issue of The Daily Bull's Mobile Edition will be downloaded to your device! You'll be able to snicker away while pretending to take notes at the next synergy meeting, or read our featured movie review next time you're bored on the train ride to work.

Hopefully, everything is working all right. We tested the Mobile Edition very extensively using Pocket PC 2000 and Pocket PC 2002, and everything appeared as it should. We have no idea what the site will look like on a Palm, but according to all pertinent technical documentation, it should appear very similar.

We are so cool! :)


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